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There is lot written and told about wood protection. On sale are available numerous synthetic coatings for the treatment of wood. However, choosing a treatment for log home, fence or other structure, with the passage of time, more and more people are starting to pay attention to its natural origin and protection attribute that does not damage the environment and human health.

There was a myth that a natural product can not be sufficiently effective in protecting wood. Now it is proved that paints on linseed oil can compete with the synthetic coatings in the field of wood protection.

Over time untreated wood gets darker, rain and moisture accumulation cause mold, various fungi and insects cause much damage to wood structures. To protect the wood from the harmful effects of the environment and at the same time, do not harm the environment and health - great solution is to use eco-friendly natural coatings on linseed oil, which serves as a protection of wood and also gives wood beauty and attractiveness.