EKOTEPE ecological linseed oil filler (putty)

Ekotepe - produced from natural substances, environmentally perfect putty. Designed for wood surfaces, for filling cracks and defects in wood, glass installation. Has good adhesion to wood and high elasticity. Used for both domestic and external works. Does not contain organic solvents.

Use: Putty is applied on a dry, clean surface with a spatula. Drying time at 20˚C - 12 hours. After drying putty can be painted. Before applying putty, it is recommended to prime the surface with linseed primer "Guļbūve".

Contains: Specially prepared linseed oil, chalk, natural varnish, water, plasticizer.

Cleaning of tools: Tools can be cleaned with white-spirit, hands - wash with warm water and soap.

Storage: Store in a cool place. In a tightly closed container storage period - 12 months. Protect from freezing.

Safety regulations: The product is flammable.