Natural Oil for Bath and Sauna

The product of natural linseed oil is intended for protection and care of surfaces which are in contact with the human body - bath shelves, walls, doors and other surfaces made of wood. It protects wooden sweating shelves from moisture, dirt, decay, the product provides easy cleaning and care. After treatment, the wooden surface keeps its texture and retains the natural shade of a tree, creating slightly matted, silky surface. The product does not contain organic solvents and harmful components for the human body.

Application: Apply the product by a roller or brush on a clean and polished wooden surface at temperature not below +5ºC. Before applying, it is recommended to heat the product up to +40 ºC. Humidity of the treated wood should not exceed 20%. Highly absorbent wood must be treated twice, to improve drying it is recommended to heat the bath up to +50ºC and allow the oil to soak for 12 hours, then wipe the oil that is not absorbed. The bath can be used in 2 - 3 days. 

Consumption: 10 - 18 m2/l depending on absorbency of the wood. 

Components: natural linseed oil, by-products of pine resin.