Natural Oil for Floors

Floor oil is intended for wooden floors, parquet, staircase and wooden furniture treatment. It is made of natural linseed oil together with natural pine resin, colophony, waxes and special additives. Linseed oil is deeply absorbed into wood, impregnating and protecting it from moisture while the waxes form a protecting layer on the surface that resists moisture and dirt. Floor oil singles out wood grain, forms a silky matted gloss, and improves resistance to wear of the floor.

Preparation of the surface: Before oiling, sand and buff the floor with special equipment. The surface of the floor must be dry, free of dust, grease, oils and waxes.

Spreading: Oil has to be mixed well, its temperature must be +20ºC, but the temperature of the floor must be between +15 – 25ºC. Apply the oil on the surface of the floor and smooth out with a special applicator or flat brush. Oil must be applied in a thin layer and let it be absorbed for 20 – 30 min. Afterwards oil has to be worked in with a polisher using the white disc. Such a process ensures even application of oil and improves absorption into the wood. Dry for 6 – 8 hours, afterwards similarly spread the second layer of oil. The oil that is left on the wooden surface and has not absorbed must not be left and allowed to become hard.

Drying: Depending on temperature and air humidity oil fully dries in 2 – 3 days. 

Consumption: Consumption of oil depends on absorbing abilities of a specific wood: for pine 10 – 14 m2/l, for oak 16 – 20 m2/l.

Cleaning: Clean the tools with white-spirit, warm water and soap.

Storage: Keep in a cool place. In a closed package the storage period is 2 years.

Composition: Specially prepared natural linseed oil, natural pine resin, natural canifoly, waxes, special additions.