Natural LINSEED OIL for wood

Specially processed linseed oil for the wood handling with an improved ability of absorbance and antibacterial qualities. Linseed oil absorbs into wood protecting it from moisture and wear, at the same time marking out wooden texture and places of branches giving the wooden surface slightly matted shading.

Application of linseed oil: log buildings, wooden furniture, floors, different wooden articles, panels, decks of yachts and boats. Linseed oil can be used both for interior and outside work. Linseed oil can be toned with paint pigments.

Preparing of the surface: The wooden surface must be dry (wood moisture up to 15%), air moisture – up to 80%. Old wooden surfaces must be cleaned from lacquer, paint and other substances. The surface must be cleaned by polishing it.

Spreading: Apply with a brush or sponge and let the oil absorb. Remove the unabsorbed amount of oil from the wooden surface and spread repeatedly. Depending on the quality of the wooden surface and the purpose of the use spread 1 – 4 layers. The ends of the planks, beams must be spread with special care. A finished oiled wooden surface can be waxed with wax suitable for wood.

Expenditure: For a smooth wooden surface 7 - 10 m2/ l.

Time of drying: Spread on a thin layer at 20º C – for 24 hours.

Cleaning: Tools are cleaned with white-spirit, warm water and soap.

Storage: Keep in a cool place. In a closed package the storage period is 2 years.

Safety: The product is flammable. Pieces of cloth saturated with oil can self ignite before they are disposed.

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Contains: natural linseed oil, special additions.