Natural TAR oil

A wood protection product. Suitable for a variety of wooden products: buildings, log cabins, terraces, porches, boarding planks, garden furniture, boats, splint roofs (shingles), fences, etc. It consists of natural linseed oil, pine tar and other natural substances that ensure a long-term protection from moisture, rot, mould and fungus.

Usage: The wooden surfaces must be clean and dry. The product is applied with a brush or vaporizer. Any excess that has not been absorbed is removed with a dry cloth. Well absorbing surfaces should be treated twice. The product must be mixed before usage. Preliminary priming is not necessary.

Application: 3 - 10 m2/l depending on wood absorption ability.

Storage: In original packaging and in warm storehouses for up to 1 year.

Components: natural linseed oil, pine tar, colophony, white-spirit, special additions.

Safety: Warning! N item such as cloth saturated by the product can self ignite.

References: We ask you to provide references on the product. It is very important for us.