Protective Wax for Wood

Wax on the base of vegetable oil is intended for waxing wooden surfaces previously treated with linseed oil (colourless or tinted). Waxed wooden surface retains its gloss protractedly, obtaining additional resistance to wear and water rejecting features.

Application: Apply wax as thin as possible on the wooden surface with a plastic spatula and level evenly. Afterwards the wax has to be evenly polished.

Polishing: Polishing can be done by cotton or by the “white” disc when single disc equipment is used. Polishing has to be done immediately after applying the wax while the wax has not dried. For larger areas treatment by sectors is recommended, or when two are working together – one applies the wax, and another - polishes.

Consumption: depending on the quality of the surface to be treated 20-40g/m2.

Cleaning: Clean the tools with turpentine, white-spirit.

Components: Wax, pine turpentine, vegetable oil composition, stabilizing additives.