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Sealant GULBUVE for sealing joints and cracks between the beams of log homes, as well as for sealing joints and other wooden structures connection places. Sealant perfectly combine with the surface of wood and has good adhesion to wood and high elasticity. Consolidated sealant is not freezing, it retains elasticity at zero temperatures, providing air-tightness of buildings, both summer and winter. Sealants - environmentally impeccable material based on natural linseed oil does not contain organic solvents. Consolidated sealant can be painted with any kind of paint. 

APPLICATION: On a dry and treated surface of wood apply sealant by a special syringe or spatula. After that, applied sealant, must be formed with moisten in soapy water spatula. Before applying the sealant, surface of wood is recommended to prime with the linseed primer "Guļbūve". Under normal circumstances, within 4-6 hours on a surface of sealant waterproof membrane is formed, the complete drying occurs within 24 hours. Do not operate at temperatures below +5 º C, as well as in the rain.

After sealant Guļbūve application at log house, its heat loss can be reduced by several times. On log buildings its recommended to aplly sealant from inside and outside.

COMPOSITION: linseed oil, acrylic dispersion, fillers, pigments, special additives.