GULBUVE priming for wood on linseed oil

Primer "Guļbūve" is made of natural, environmentally friendly products - linseed oil, pine turpentine and natural resin, which combines perfectly with the wood, accentuating and complementing the natural qualities of wood. 

Wood processed with the primer "Guļbūve" retains its natural shade, the primer highlights and emphasizes the texture and natural beauty of wood. The primer is particularly deeply absorbed in wood, protecting it against moisture and dirt, and creating a waterproof layer. It has antiseptic properties, the primed wood is protected against rot and blue fungus. At the same time, the coating prepares the wooden surface for further processing. Surface priming before its treatment with another product containing linseed oil is not necessary. Coated with the primer "Guļbūve", wooden constructions may be used for a longterm period without further processing (e. g. log houses).

The primer is used to coat logs from outside and inside of the building, to coat doors, windows, bath-houses, garden houses, garden furniture and other structures and objects made of wood. The primer is suitable for coating both new and old surfaces, as well as for oak, pine, spruce, ash, mahogany and other surfaces.

The surface of wood should be dry, maximal humidity of wood - 15%, air humidity - 80%. The old wooden surfaces must be cleaned of varnish, paint and other substances.

Consumption: 4 - 7 m2/l.

Absorption: Linseed oil “Guļbūve” is absorbed during approximately 4 hours, not allowing for chips, sand and dust to stick to the surface.

Instructions for use: Surfaces must be clean and dry. Primer has to be applied with a brush or spray equipment. Well absorbable surfaces should be primed twice. 

Components: Specially made natural linseed oil, pine resin, white-spirit, special additions.