Limewash paint-paste for wood

Classic mineral paint, made following the old master’s recipe, where hydrated lime is used as a binder. It is used as a protective-decorative coating for wood, bricks, concrete, lime plaster, stone. Intended for interior and exterior works. Forms permanent painting resistant against atmosphere and UV radiation.


  1. Especially suitable for facades and premises with high humidity.
  2. Suppresses development of mould, fungus and wood destroying pests without using biocides.
  3. Ecologically perfect, made of natural substances.
  4. Improves premise’s exploitation features, adjusts air moisture.

Content: lime, water, chalk, linseed oil, salt, natural pigments.

Usage: Paint is diluted with water until painting thickness is obtained. Apply with a brush, roll or sprayer. It is recommended that mineral surfaces are moistened beforehand. Do not apply on cement plasters. Suitable for applying on cement-lime plaster with the dominance of lime. It is recommended to apply 3 layers. Every next layer is applied only after the previous has dried; however, not sooner than 24 hours. See instruction manual for detailed information.

Consumption: 1 litre not diluted paint-paste / 2-5m², depending on the surface roughness and porosity.

Storage: Store at temperature that is not higher than +35°С. Avoid direct sunlight. Package that is not tightly closed or is partial is not for long term storing. Keep away from freezing!