Wax oil for furniture

Oil wax is a mixture of natural wax and qualitative mineral oil. Intended for a regular and periodical treatment of any wood surfaces.

Processed surface gets increased moisture protection, vapour permeability as well as light honey aroma.

Usage: Processed surface should be clean and dry. Surface should be purified from substances that does not allow oil wax to absorb (dirt, grease, old coatings etc.). Apply oil wax using a tampon from pure cotton or wool. Mix oil wax before use.

After applying oil wax allow it to absorb into the wood, residues should be carefully rubbed in the direction of wood fibres. Residues should be cleaned with a paper towel or a cloth.

Consumption: Consumption depends from the type of the processed surface and absorbing ability, approximately 15-20m²/1l.

Drying time: Depending on environmental temperature and wood absorbing ability approximately 24-48 hours, final drying approximately 2-3 weeks.

Safety: Caution! Oil can be used only for processing and protecting timber, it cannot be used as food!

Storage: In original package and warm warehouse premises. Keep away from freezing!