Sheep wool for log home thermal insulation

Material that is planned to be used for insulating seams between the logs should have good thermal insulation features, it has to be durable and weatherproof. Another important feature of log buildings’ thermal insulation material is vapour permeability, material has “to breathe” and protect from the wind at the same time. Important is also flexibility, it has to compensate deformation of log buildings, seams and cracks, thus ensuring long term and effective thermal insulation. 

In case of using impropriate log buildings insulating material, mould and fungus can form on it. In case if thermal insulation loses its flexibility, log building can dramatically loose the heat and therefore increasing heating expenses significantly.

Sheep wool has been used for insulating log buildings already for centuries. Wool has features that ensure natural humidity control in the room, protects it from the wind and significant heat loss. Wool tape will help you to insulate the log building from profiled or hewed beams effectively. Wool can also be used for filling logs’ cracks.

Sheep wool is a unique, nature created material of high quality. It will protect the log building from cooling and overheating. The upper layer consists of fleece (microporous structure), that helps the material „to breath”. Wool effectively outputs water vapour. 

The structure of wool fibres ensures the material with high flexibility that guarantees that building’s thermal insulation will maintain its features even in long term perspective. Wool effectively outputs moisture by letting it evaporate in natural way. Sheep wool is impregnated with a special content that protects it from moths and other insects. 

Unique wool features:

  1. Ensures excellent thermal insulation.
  2. Resistant to increased humidity.
  3. Does not decompose and does not cause any dust.
  4. Natural, ecologically clean and permanent material.
  5. Flexible thermal insulation, restores its form.
  6. Processed with a special agent against pest.
  7. Hydroscopic, water vapour penetrable.
  8. Does not excrete toxic gases in case of fire.

Technical information:

  1. The thermal conductivity coefficient 0.04 W/m·K (according to EN 12667:2002).
  2. Content: natural sheep wool.


  1. It is possible to purchase the necessary length in running meters.
  2. Tape width ~12cm, one roll ~375m, weight approximately 15kg.
  3. Tape width ~7cm, one roll ~600m, weight approximately 15kg.