STATERM -40 heat carrier

The coolant is designed for use in heating systems, closed with equipment made of steel, plastics, iron and copper. Protects the system from freezing. Extends the life of heating equipment and protects it against freezing.

TRIPLE PROTECTION: from freezing, corrosion and deposits! 

COMPOSITION: The composition of the coolant: ethylene glycol, anti-corrosion additives, defoamers, stabilizing additives and package of high quality, multifunctional additives. Does not contain nitrites, amines and phosphates.


  • Contains a balanced set of corrosion inhibitors to protect steel, iron, copper, brass, duraluminium;
  • Do not freeze at temperatures down to -40˚C;
  • Protects heating equipment against corrosion;
  • Do not damage sealings;
  • Eliminates the formation of scale and other mineral deposits on the surfaces of the heating equipment,
  • The boiling point of +120˚C
  • The service life of the heating system is at least 5 years if used in accordance with the rules of operation.

TERMS OF USE: The coolant is not subject to dilution, since contains a balanced package of additives. The coolant is poured into the heating system and heating system is used according to instructions.

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