STATERM ALUMINIUM EKO -20 ecological heat carrier for aluminum radiators

Environmentally friendly heat carrier on base of non-toxic propylene glycol, contains harmless to human body glycol, nitrite, phosphate, silicate. The heat carrier provides durable and flawless operation of aluminum radiators, and is recommended heating homes and apartments.

TRIPLE PROTECTION: from freezing, corrosion and deposits!

COMPOSITION: The heat carrier contains propylene glycol, especially demineralized water, corrosion additives, antifoam agents, stabilizing additives and package of high quality, multifunctional additives. Does not contain nitrites, amines and phosphates.


  • Contains a balances set of corrosion inhibitors to protect steel, cast iron, copper, brass, duralumin, aluminum;
  • Resistant to heat and oxidation of propylene glycol;
  • Does not freeze at temperatures down to -20˚C;
  • Protects against corrosion of heating equipment;
  • Do not spoil the seal;
  • Eliminates the formation and deposits of scale on the surfaces of heating equipment;
  • The boiling point is 120˚C;
  • The service life of the heating system while respecting the rules of operation, at least 5 years.

RULES OF APPLICATION: The heat carrier is not dilutionable, since it contains a balanced additive package. The heat carrier is poured into the heating system and operate the system according to instructions.

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