STATERM heat carrier - coolant CONCENTRATE

The coolant is designed for use in heating and climat control systems with equipment made of steel, plastics, iron, copper and other materials. Protects the system from freezing. Extends the life of heating equipment and protects it against freezing.


COMPOSITION: Ethylene glycol, anti-corrosion additives, defoamers, stabilizing additives and package of high quality, multifunctional additives. 


  • Contains a balanced set of corrosion inhibitors to protect steel, iron, copper, brass, duraluminium;
  • Does not contain nitrites, amines and phosphates;
  • Do not freeze at low temperatures;
  • Resistant to overheating and oxidation;
  • Protects heating equipment against corrosion;
  • Do not damage sealings;
  • Eliminates the formation of scale and other mineral deposits on the surfaces of the heating equipment;
  • The service life of the heating system is at least 5 years if used in accordance with the rules of operation.

TERMS OF USE: PRODUCT ONLY FOR PROFESSIONAL USE! Package content must be diluted with demineralized or distilled water in proportion as showed in table.

Percentage in water mixture Mixture freezing temperature
10% -4°С
20% -9°С
25% -12°С
30% -16°С
35% -20°С
40% -25°С
45% -30°С
50% -35°С

Opened (vented) heating systems with natural circulation must be filled with pre-diluted  heat carrier-coolant concentrate.

In closed systems with forced circulation concentrate adn water mixture must be mixed thoroughly with circulation pump.

Further heating system must be used according to instructions.

If content of concentrate in ready to use solution is less than 35%, we recommend to add additive package STATERM LONG-LIFE (1:100) after first 6 month of heat carrier-coolant use.

Also, we recommend to regulary clean mechanical filter for first 14 days of system use.

WATER REQUIREMENTS: For dilution we recommend to use distilled or demineralized water. If it is not accessable it is alowed to use ordinary sanitary water with total hardness up to 8.5 mg equ/l and the content of chloride not more than 100 mg/litre. 

STORAGE: Store in a tightly closed container at temperatures above 5°C, in a dry ventilated area.

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