Additive package for heat carriers STATERM LONG-LIFE 1:100

Additive package is designed to restore the operational properties of heat carriers, partially lost during use, as well as for preparation of heat carrier working solutions from STATERM concentrates.

The package contains anti-foam, anti-corrosion, passivating, stabilizing and other components, restoring the original properties of the heat carrier (coolant) and extending its effective life for 2-3 years. Timely addition of the package considerably increases the life of circulating pumps, heat exchangers, radiators and other elements of a heating system.

In case of heavy use of a heat carrier-coolant (bad initial corrosion of the heating system elements, significant fouling, contamination of the system with salt deposits, high pH of the environment, local overheating of the system with overheating of the heat carrier etc.) it is recommended to add the package during the first 15-18 months of operation. Later it is desirable to use a package every 12 months.

The package gets mixed well with heat carriers based on ethylene glycol (MEG) and propylene glycol (MPG), isopropyl alcohol, protects rubber parts of a heating system from drying out, cracking and leaks.

COMPOSITION:  monopropylene glycol, anti-corrosion additives, passivating and stabilizing additives, antibubbling agent, complexing agent, prepared water.


  • Restores operational properties of the heat carrier;
  • Protects the heating equipment against corrosion;
  • Increases service life of the heating system in normal conditions for 2-3 years, in harsh conditions for 1 year;
  • Eliminates the formation of scale and deposits on the surfaces of heating equipment;
  • Protects rubber parts of the heating system from drying out, cracking and leaks;
  • Mixes well with heat carriers based on ethylene glycol (MEG), propylene glycol (MPG) and isopropyl alcohol.

TERMS OF USE: The package is added to the heating system and thoroughly mixed with the heat carrier. Mixing proportion: 1 litre of additive package per 100 litres of heat carrier.

STORAGE: Store in a tightly closed container at temperatures above 5°C, in a dry ventilated area.