STATERM SOLAR heat carrier (coolant) for solar panels

Special, environmentally friendly coolant (heat carrier) for solar collectors and other heat exchange equipment. The heat carrier has high thermal capacity and fluidity, which reduces the load on the pumps. Designed for use in systems with solar collectors. Prevents the collector from freezing. Extends the life of the equipment.

TRIPLE PROTECTION: from freezing, corrosion and deposits!


  • Do not freeze at temperatures down to -50 ° C;
  • Prevents collector and other elements from corrosion;
  • Does not affect sealings;
  • Eliminates the formation of scale deposits on the surfaces of the heating equipment;
  • The boiling point ~ 200°C;
  • The life of the heat carrier, if used in accordance with rules of operation, at least 7 years;
  • It protects pipes from mineral deposits;
  • Environmentally safe.

TERMS OF USE: STATERM SOLAR can not be diluted, as it contains a balanced package of special additives. Heat carrier must be filled into the system with solar collectors and system must be operated according to instructions.

STORAGE: The coolant (heat carrier) must be stored in tightly closed containers in a place inaccessible to children. Do not store near heat devices.

SAFETY: When filling the coolant in system or carrying out the work, it is prohibited to smoke and use open flame.

INGREDIENTS: Monopropylene glycol, specially prepared water, corrosion additives, defoamers, stabilizing additives and package of high quality, multifunctional additives. Does not contain nitrites, amines and phosphates.

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