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Coolants (heat carriers) STATERM

Heat carrier or so called coolant, heat transfer fluid etc. usually is liquid which transfers heat energy from heat generator (heater, heating boiler) to heat consumer (radiator, underfloor heating pipe).

Most popular heat carrier for heating systems is water, special heat carrier or gases are more rarely used. By using water as heat carrier you can face with many problems. Usual water contains dilluted salts, gases and other additives, which causes:

  • corrosion of heating system surfaces;
  • deposition of salts and chulk;
  • ​biological material growth on surfaces.

All of this significally reduces heat trasnfer ability and damage heating equipment. In addition, water as heat transfer fluid can be used only at positive temperatures (above 0°C).

There are general requirements that apply to all coolants:

  • they must not contain any mechanical impurities;
  • must not cause corrosion of metals;
  • should not be toxic and flammable;
  • coolants used in ion boilers (electrode heaters) have specific requirements. They have optimal electrical resistance and ionization stability.

Used sometimes in heating systems automotive cooling liquids ("Car antifreeze", etc.) chemical and hygienic properties are not suitable for this purpose, they can have a negative impact on the operation of the heating system and even human health.

Heat carriers (coolants) STATERM contains special additives to prevent scale formation on the heat exchanger and the pipe walls as well as avoiding corrosion of metals, other additives that prevent foaming and ensures liquid stabilization. STATERM coolants contains balanced corrosion inhibitor package that protects steel, cast iron, copper, brass, duralumin. Produced by STAFOR heat carriers (coolants) has less density than others, thanks to what heat transfers faster and circulation pumps are less loaded. In order to ensure safe, reliable and long-term operation of the heating equipment company STAFOR has developed and offers wide range of STATERM heat transfer liquids and additives.

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