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All for wood

MILK powder paint, light yellow

  • Type
    Planed wood
  • Surface
Price includes tax 21%.
The indicated price is valid ordering till 16.06.2024.

Traditional, made according to the recipes of ancient masters, decorative paint based on natural milk protein. Intended for painting wooden, veneer, chipboard, MDF, cardboard as well as mineral and other surfaces. Intended for indoor use.

  • Convenient form (dry powder) allows you to use just the right amount of paint,
  • Long shelf life in an airtight packaging.
  • Consists of natural components. Easy to dispose without harming the environment. 
  • Allows you to get pleasant, muted tones for decorating various elements in “country”, “provencial”, “shabby chic” styles.

Preparing the paint: Mix the paint with clean water in room temperature weight ratio 1:1, mix thoroughly. Leave the paint for 30-40 minutes. If necessary add 20-30% water, until you gain the consistency that is comfortable for applying, mix thoroughly again. The paint is ready.
Usage: Apply the paint on clean and dry surface using a brush. Paint dilutes in water has to be used within 12 hours.
Consumption: 70-100g/m², depending on the surface.
Drying time: Touching in 1 hour at 25°C. Full drying in 4 hours at 25°C.
Ingredients: Milk proteins, mineral fillers, stable natural pigments, technological additives.
Safety: When opening the packaging of dry paint and during diluting process it is necessary to wear protective goggles, respirator and gloves.

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