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All for wood

Natural SWEDISH paint gray

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  • Type
    Wood protection
  • Surface
    Unplaned wood
Price includes tax 21%.
The indicated price is valid ordering till 16.06.2024.

Traditional swedish paint is in use in Sweden and Latvia from the XVII and XVIII century to the present day. Swedish paint is designed to handle unplaned wood surfaces, outbuildings, fences and roofs of wood chips and to paint the wooden facades of residential buildings. Environmentally safe paint, painted surfaces "breathe". Components of the swedish paint protects wood from rot, fungus and mildew, paint preserve surface. The paint must be applied by only one layer, the surface does not need any preperation, except removing dust, old paint, mold and other dirt. Paint can also be painted on mineral surfaces, pre-coat and primer is not required. Contained in the paint, natural pigments resist fading. The paint is suitable for both exterior and for interior works.

Usage: Apply swedish paint with a paint brush, wide movement, rubbing the paint to wood pores and cracks till they are filled. Take care about not to leave any unpainted areas, as in the subsequent painting it is very hard to get a smooth surface. It is recommended to do work on a cloudy, windless weather - then the paint dries slower and have better contact with the surface. Paint is not intended to paint the window frames and doors.

Drying time: 2 - 6 hours, depending on painting conditions.

Consumtion: 4 - 6 m²/l depending on the absorbency of the wood.

Storage: Keep in original container and warm warehouse.

Safety: Paint is non-flammable and harmless to human health.

Cleaning of tools: Tools and hands are cleaned with water.

Contains: Natural linseed oil, varnish, rye flour, iron sulfate, sodium chloride, natural pigments.

What should one know about swedish paint.
​Questions and answers.

What is swedish paint?
Traditional boiled flour paint that has been used in Sweden  already from the 17th century and is being used also nowadays.

What is the composition of swedish paint?
Swedish paint contains flour adhesive, linseed oil, natural pigments and various additives.

What can be painted with swedish paint?
The swedish paint is perfect for a durable protection of wooden facades and wooden structures being under environmental influence. It is well absorbed into the wood and forms the protective layer. The paint can also cover the mineral surfaces (plaster, mineral plates etc.).

What are the main features of swedish paint and how it differs from linseed oil-stains?
Linseed-colored stains occupy part of the wood pore, thus reducing the moisture absorption. The linseed, which is in the content of swedish paint, fulfils the same function. In addition, the swedish paint produces a coating of wood from UV, moisture and insects.

What is the lifetime of the swedish paint coating?
A wooden facade painted with swedish paint does not require paint restorations for at least 10 years.

How swedish paint should be applied?
The swedish paint has a thick, gelatinous consistency. It is therefore best to apply it with a solid brush or roll, rubbing in wood. Particularly good coloration comes on the unpaved wood surface. It is recommended to paint in 2 layers.

How long does the paint dry?
Depending on weather conditions it dries in 12-24 hours.

What is the consumption of swedish paint?
One litre of swedish paint can cover 4-5m2 in one and about 3m2 in two layers.

Does swedish paint contain organic cleansers and other substances harmful to humans?
Swedish paint doesn’t contain organic cleansers, it is a water-soluble colour. It contains only natural components, not harmful to human health.

How useful is to use swedish paint?
The swedish paint is cheaper than most modern chemical paints and the life of the coating is longer.

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