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All for wood

WHITE OIL for kitchen accessories

0.5 l
10 l
  • Type
    Planed wood
  • Surface
    Кухонные предметы
Price includes tax 21%.
The indicated price is valid ordering till 16.06.2024.

Wood treatment oil for untreated or previosly oiled wood products which are used for preparing and serving food. Oiling wood products regularly helps improve their resistance to grease stains, soiling and moisture, prevents the development of microorganisms.

Also, as moisture is less easily absorbed by oiled wood, there is less risk of the wood cracking or splitting. This helps your oiled wooden products to remain clean and fresh - and last longer too.

Consumption: Depends on wood type and condition, average consumption 1l/5-12m².

Application: Apply the oil with a clean rag, microfibre cloth or piece of kitchen paper. Rub plenty of oil into the product before wiping off any surplus. Repeat the process 24 hours later. Use product only after oil complete drying. Oil the product at regular intervals - how frequently depends on how often and for what purpose the product is used.  

Drying time: 24 to 48 hours, depending on soaking capacity of the wood and the air temperature. Complete drying in 2-3 weeks.

Safety: Warning! Wood treatment oil should be used only to treat and protect wooden surfaces, it must not be used as a foodstuff!

Storage: In original container and in warm warehouse areas. Protect from freezing!

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