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Floor oils

Linseed oil paint NATURA brown

1 l
3 l
10 l
  • Type
    Planed wood
  • Surface
Price includes tax 21%.
The indicated price is valid ordering till 16.06.2024.

Ecological glazing paint - stain on linseed oil base containing best quality mineral pigments. It is suitable for painting of beams, log homes, facades of wooden buildings, wooden panels, furniture, floors and other wooden products. Can be used for all types of wood, outdoor and indoor. The paint deeply soaks into the wood, increase resistance of wood, forms a long-lasting weather and UV resistant paint layer, protecting the wood against moisture and damage. At the same time the paint is permeable for air and water vapor, thus allowing the painted wood to „breathe”.

Paint consumption: Depends on wood type and condition, average consumption 1l/5-12m2. When treating well-polished wood you should meet 1l/10-12m2, for hand crafted logs 1l/5-6m2.

Application: The paint should be thoroughly mixed prior and during its application. Poorly soaking wood is recommended to be previously treated by fine sandpaper. The paint shall be applied in thick layer with paintbrush, sponge or paint roll. After 2-4 hours excess not-soaked paint - stain should be removed with cloth. Soaking time depends on wood type and wish able shade of treated wood. It is recommended to apply 2 to 3 paint layers of which each next one should be laid after drying of the previous layer. Formation of a more covering, non-transparent painting will require application of thicker layer and less intense remove of excess paint.

Drying time: 24 to 4 hours, depending on soaking capacity of the wood and the air temperature. Complete drying in 2-3 weeks.

Safety: Warning! Aplication materials such as cloth or towels can self-ignitiate!

Storage: In original container and in warm warehouse areas. Protect from freezing!

Natura - it is a natural paint for natural environment. The paint does not contain organic solvents and synthetic, “Natura” is made only of natural linseed oil and mineral pigments. Such paints have withstood a test of centuries.

Linseed oil paints are used since XIII century

and still they are non-replaceable where natural and healthy environment is appreciated. “Natura” is paint for natural, wooden surfaces: facades of wooden buildings, log buildings, wooden panels, furniture and other wooden products. Advantages of linseed oil paints in comparison with common paints of today made of synthetic materials are as follows:

  • properly applied layer of linseed oil paint is up to 6 times thinner than that of alkyd or latex paint, thus there is less consumption of linseed oil paint;
  • during the drying process, oxygen is added, it can be said, that dry remnant of linseed oil paint is larger than 100%, it does not “shrink”;
  • due to their small sizes, linseed oil molecules are deeply absorbed in the wooden surface (up to 1.5mm), at the same time wood can freely breathe;
  • coating of qualitative linseed oil paint is durable - coatings of linseed oil paints do not crack and peel off, as it is common with synthetic paints;
  • natural pigments used for linseed oil paints further wood protection against rotting and fungus diseases;
  • while working with linseed oil paints, employees are not exposed to harmful effect of solvent vapour;
  • increased resistance to wear and adhesion to surface.

One should be skilful and having creative approach when working with paints “Natura”. When changing the thickness of the applied layer and intensity of “rubbing” it into the wooden surface, it is possible to obtain different surface painting and wooden texture emphasis. A characteristic feature of glazing paint is emphasis on the natural texture of wood. The main advantage of linseed oil paints is that they are ecological, made of materials of natural origin, they do not contain substances harmful to environment, and they excellently “get on” with other building materials of natural origin: wood, stone, etc., therefore, they are irreplaceable in cases when it is necessary to build environmentally friendly houses.

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